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SAP Implementation

For Organizations looking at ERPs to map and support the critical business processes so as to achieve a faster ROI and low cost of ownership, VCONSULTZ Information Technology can help leverage the full potential of SAP applications suite in optimum timelines and in the most cost-effective manner.

VCONSULTZ Information Technology has designed its SAP implementation framework around SAP best practices, own proven methodology in certain specialized areas and value added solutions. This framework is backed by its qualified consultants with deep domain knowledge and SAP expertise across a wide array of industry verticals and experience.

VCONSULTZ Information Technology framework is scalable and can deliver SAP implementation projects for SMEs and big corporate business as well. The same framework or template can be used for a stand-alone SAP implementations or Multiple roll-outs.

VCONSULTZ Information Technology adopts SAP ASAP methodology, which covers all aspects of SAP implementation including project management and delivery. It specifies phase wise deliverables, along with quality checks and the expected criteria for each of the stages.

SAP Support

For many organizations SAP has become the IT backbone for their business. It necessitates significant investment to install, implement, and maintain besides demanding regular investments to remain current and operational. However, with changes in business environments and industry standards, CIOs face enormous pressure to cater to the demands of business in the most cost-effective way. Many CIOs believe that outsourcing SAP Support is a direct and efficient solution to address several of these constraints.

VCONSULTZ Information Technology has a strong support mechanism help manage the customers SAP infrastructure and functional systems at an optimal cost so the organisation can concentrate on its Business and not support.

Our methodology is to understand the business process before the actual business process is mapped into the ERP . This not only helps us understand you better but also give suggestions for continuous improvement to help you drive your business with the changing times.

SAP Migration

To Be Online and On Time are the buzz words which drive the “On The Go Businesses”.

With the SAP S/4 Hana suite, business has been never before calibrated to move at an accelerated pace into the next era.

To successfully execute a migration to SAP S/4 in a short time with little downtime, it is essential to chalk out a well-defined upgrade strategy. The upgrade strategy has to not only upgrade but also minimize project duration and effort and have an immediate ROI.

VCONSULTZ Information Technology and its partners offer an approach that reduces the risk and allows a staged introduction of functionality at a pace most suitable for the business. We can help choose the correct upgrade strategy, identify in advance the impact of migration on current landscape, both technical and functional and identify and mitigate risks associated with the upgrade / Migration.

“Change is the only true Constant” – In the fast paced changing world, Business has to modify and re-invent itself to meet the demands of the market. The need for change drives the business to continuously change its processes and seek improvements in its software.

SAP Continuous Improvement

Following initial implementation, there is a lot that the organization grows in terms of SAP awareness over time. A need is felt to improve its processes and also delve deeper into SAP to achieve better business benefits and maximize business performance for a better profitability.

VCONSULTZ Information Technology can help you with its pool of experienced Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) to identify, manage and improve the business processes. We not only help you reduce the pain but also help deploy the value added Business solutions across the various functions – be it Finance, Logistics, HR or Manufacturing

VCONSULTZ Information Technology also assists its customers in addressing specific needs for SAP process improvement initiatives such as:

Automate: Improve user efficiency by automation of one or more process steps in the end-to-end business process.

Workflows: Introduce and Enhance SAP user experience by simplifying the laborious manual approval processes.

Optimize: Optimize SAP system performance by performance improvement of the custom developed objects.

Integrate: Integrate SAP with other SAP and/or non-SAP applications, within as well as outside the organizational boundary